Cinema Supplies-Making Money

Anyone thinking that they would like to make some extra money on the weekend or establish their own brand new concession stand should check out what we have to offer at Superpop.

We have over thirty years of industry experience and understand what you need to get going. We also have the greatest variety of equipment, ingredients & packaging in Australia for your new venture. Why not call us to investigate something that you haven’t seen at the local market, things such as potato swirls or funnel cakes. Our friendly staff will be able to point you in the right direction. We can tell you how much you’ll need of everything. And best of all we can teach you how to do it.

At Superpop, we understand that the best way to attract repeat business is to make the best quality products you can. The BEST tasting foods are those made from the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients. Foods that will fly off the shelves are those that smell and look amazing- so don’t go down to the local supermarket & purchase a generic pack of anything – only use the absolute best ingredients – ones that have been tested & proven over time both here in Australia & in the home of concessions, America.

Give us a call– in Melbourne or Perth ask for James (03) 8787 0999. In Brisbane ask for Mark (07) 3712 0222. In Sydney ask for Sue (02) 9824 6444.

Or if you are nearby, why not pop in to one of our warehouses and have a chat to the managers, they’ll be able to show you all the machinery and concessions equipment you’ll need to make your fun food great!