How & why did Superpop Pty. Ltd. become the ‘One-Stop Cinema Shop’?

Movietime Popcorn gained dominance in this area by selling corn, oil & flavored salt to all the major cinemas. Over time we reasoned that as our trucks were going to these sites regularly we could save everyone money by adding more products to each order. Overheads are reduced due to the truck stopping at each site for longer while the driver delivers more.

Cinema Operators were pleased because much of their time was spent organizing the everyday running of their cinema & now found it convenient to have one delivery. Clearly it makes sense to place one order especially when you can use our Internet I-POP ordering module.

What is i-POP?

I-POP is our own Internet based ordering program where the manager can look through all allowable purchases & decide what is required for the next order. Head office can vet which products can be purchased after having negotiated the lowest prices & these are the only products displayed. The list also represents a check list to remind the manager of items that could have been forgotten.

The manager accesses the site using a user name & password & places the order. When Superpop opens the order this confirmation is e-mailed back to the manager. There is also provision for the manager to write special notes re credits, deliveries & so forth.

‘I have a small storeroom’. Will I now have to order large amounts?

The cinema operator will end up ordering less of each individual item every week because the deliveries will be regular. No longer will it be a requirement to order a tonne of corn or a storeroom full of serving cups.

The advantage for Superpop is that we are able to defray the cost of freight over a number of products. Under normal circumstances it is uneconomic to send a few bags of corn but all this changes when we can add other non-food items.

The end result is that the cinema operator orders only what is required saving the company time, space & money.

Yes Superpop has the best corn but what about the other concessions requisites?

While we are still Australia’s largest purchaser of popping corn the trend towards supplying concessions packaging will increase in the future as we have moved into special relationships & partnerships with a number of other companies that manufacture products in these areas. This means that we can offer a much more comprehensive product range & greater economies of scale to reduce prices.

Our partners are able to provide a full range of products because we have been prepared to purchase equipment which has been installed in their manufacturing sites. Our partners do all their own in house art & plates making artwork approval very simple.

As packaging now represents more than 75% of our business we are truly diversified & offer the best of everything that is required in cinemas.

Can Superpop customize my popcorn or drink cup packaging?

It is because we have our network of manufacturers & partners that we can customize your cinema packaging. We already do it for every major customer & many of our smaller ones also.

All you have to do is to commit to taking customized stock because we don’t want to get stuck with it. If you leave us to go to another supplier then you must arrange to either purchase all remaining stock at one time or have your new supplier do this.

Many print runs can be for as little as 50,000 cups so this will not be a problem. On the other hand we are confident that this will not happen because none of our customers have ever done this in the last 24 years.

Is Superpop able to deliver to my cinema & can you do it on time?

We have our own warehouse & employees in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth. This means that we are in direct control of all deliveries & can, in emergencies express deliver stock to you. Currently Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & the Gold Coast can be delivered (in an emergency) same day. Normally however we arrange set delivery dates so that everybody knows what is happening.

Regional Australia: Country areas are surprisingly well catered for by individuals & small freight companies. Many of these people make a daily run to their capital city & return home every evening. If orders are placed in plenty of time & we can deliver to their yard on time & chances are that stock will reach your country cinema next day.

Many of these operators know the locals & we have often had deliveries made on a Saturday morning or the cinema manager has gone down to the freight depot to pick up the goods. In many cases it assists all parties if you can point us towards a preferred carrier in your area. It simply saves everybody money, time & effort.

We have a small distribution warehouse in Adelaide for small orders – most normal orders will be dispatched ex Melbourne for a 2 day turnaround.

Are there any other advantages of purchasing Movietime products?

We have made it company policy to try & assist all cinemas wherever possible. Movietime Customers receive ongoing information to keep their cinemas up to date with the latest ways of saving money. The following (free) laminated information guides are available:

1. Movietime Good House Keeping Guide: Shows operators how to look after their storerooms without necessarily employing outsiders. This describes how to find infestations of vermin & what to do with simple ongoing measures.

2. Movietime Corn Policy: Describes how to look after your corn & what each party should do to keep your corn popping large.

3. Movietime Popper Maintenance via Proper Cleaning Procedures: The biggest single cause of popper breakdown is due to inadequate cleaning of the popper. Our serviceman (trained by Bill Proctor in 1987) has recorded what all Managers should know but rarely pass on to incoming employees.

4. Movietime Guide: Sugar Corn. Step by step guide of how to make it.

5. The Superpop web page is full of interesting items. By connecting to you are able to view a complete list of our products, receive a regular newsletter that outlines tips, monthly specials, items of interest & even popcorn recipes.

You are also able to order via the web site. We encourage people to do this because it provides a simple, efficient, quick & inexpensive means of ordering & communication.


We have Public Liability insurance ($20,000,000) & Business Interruption insurance that covers our plant, equipment & ongoing needs. We have marine insurance for problems that may arise in transit. Workcover insurance is a given.

Stocks on hand:
Service & customer satisfaction is paramount at Superpop so we always endeavor to keep 3 months worth of stock on the floor so that we never have products that are out of stock.

Faulty products:
All stock manufactured is logged and traceable by code numbers on each carton. All products are logged & traced from raw materials through to finished product by code, by date & production schedule / code.

As a result all stock is readily traceable & identifiable at manufacturing level, warehouse level, distribution centre level & store level

And it is my absolute pleasure to announce that Superpop is HACCP & SQF2000 certified & we take great pride in wanting to maintain this standard.

Main personnel

Melbourne: Janis Kondarovskis (03) 8787 0999

Sydney: Michael Conole (02) 9824 6444

While the above is to be regarded as a brief overview of the Superpop Group there will inevitably be more questions. Please feel free to contact us to get an understanding of your business so that we can make plans to include you in our greater partnership of customers.

What have you got to lose? Try us!!